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Small World – Race Banners and Power Badges

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am not very good at graphical design so I will just write the rules-behind 3 races and 2 powers I have been thinking on.


  • Demons (3) – This scary race considers each zone unoccupied when conquering. However, conquering occupied areas does not cause unit loss for the defenders.
  • Ents (5) – Each Forest you control provides an additional Ent token for the conquering phase.
  • Bats (6) – On each Underworld area you conquer put a Domain token. It counts toward defense and persists even when Bats race is on decline. There is a maximum of 3 Domain tokens. An already placed Domain token can be moved to a newly conquered Underworld area.


  • Mountaineering (4) – Ignore Mountains penalties when conquering.
  • Holy (3) – For each area you control being attacked, the attacker needs to roll 1 or more or the area becomes unconquerable for him this turn.

The Demons are quite flavorful with their frightful presence scaring other races off territories they want. Of course, other races can pull off quite a retaliation with their number kept intact.

The Ents are my personal favorites getting something from the Amazon style but with personal unique vibe.

Bats can be really dangerous with certain powers as they really get in control of the Underground areas. Domains persisting through the race decline make Bats quite powerful as a first race by giving them defensive capabilities in this stage – something very few races have.

Mountaineering is pretty straightforward and a great addition Giants, Trolls and the like while holy is pretty unusual and provides some randomness in conquering phases that can shift alliances or limit the power of some combinations by a great margin.

Hope you have fun playing these additions to the core rules.

  1. November 27, 2010 at 4:13 am

    Its always fun to see new fan made races and powers. I quite like your demons and your ents ideas. Mountaineering seems a little weak mind you. But some cool ideas.

    • pleades
      November 29, 2010 at 11:28 am

      Thanks! Bats do seem too generic but I haven’t given up on them :) .
      As for Mountaineering, I have to review it and probably give it some twist. As it is now, it is good for certain races or play-styles such as first pick giants/trolls and easy conquering mountain-rich regions of the map then going on decline. Such areas become very hard to touch later on and usually give a good winning chance for the player who pulled it out. However, I agree and it should be a 5 token power for starters.

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